Antenatal testing and ultrasound


You may be referred to our office for a routine obstetric ultrasound.  Our obstetric sonographers (ultrasound technicians) have over 15+ years of experience scanning pregnant women.  Our Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians read these images and a report gets sent to your obstetric provider.  As long as there are no major concerns, you will not need to see one of our doctors during your ultrasound. 

The risk of birth defects for every pregnant woman regardless of age or risk factors is 3-4%.  A normal ultrasound does not guarantee a normal baby, however the majority of babies are born healthy with no problems.  Ultrasound is not able to diagnose every birth defect and some birth defects cannot be seen until the third trimester or after birth. 

Antenatal testing – NST & BPP

Antenatal testing is a way to follow the health of the fetus in complicated pregnancies.  The most common way to do to this is by a non-stress test or NST.  You will come to our office (either Southfield or Novi) and the fetal monitoring belt will be placed on your abdomen to watch the fetal heart rate.  As long as the heart rate looks reassuring you will be taken off of the monitor in 20-30 minutes.  If there is a concern or the fetus does not pass the NST, then an ultrasound test called a biophysical profile (BPP) will be performed at the same visit.